Cultural Left and Creative Left Coalition

The Creative Left Movement is a mission based political organisation. The movement serves a common vision with the Cultural Left, which is creativity for culture, democracy, ecology and humanity.

The Creative Left Movement is the supporting creative artistic political body to the Cultural Left Movement. Today both organisations form a cultural and creative coalition. The Creative Left is representing the open artistic political expressions and needs, as well as the progressive, left, political artistic structures, connected directly to societies through the creation of specific political and cultural events.

The Creative Left Movement (in Greek “Dimiourgiki Aristera” or Δημιουργική Αριστερά), along with the Cultural Left Movement, form a political coalition that embrace the cultural and creative actors and bodies worldwide.

Both movements aim to present, through new cultural political forms, contemporary cultural and creative understanding, implementing cultural-creative short, medium and long term strategies, in order to support in an innovative way, social partnerships, as well as cultural developments, at the centre of the production processes.

The Creative Left with the support of the Cultural Left is prioritising its interests in eight key areas. These are the following:

  • Levels of Artistic, Creative and Cultural Productions
  • Public Administration and Governance
  • Legal Framework (local and international)
  • Citizens’ Environment, Ecology and Humanity
  • Regional Cultural and Creative Developments
  • International Artistic, Creative and Cultural Policy
  • Mobility, Immigration and Refugees
  • Creative Economy and Growth