The Cultural Left Movement Objectives

Cultural Left Movement Is a Progressive Arts, Cultural and Creative Movement. The Cultural Left Objectives are as stated below.


  1. To identify, to respond, to evaluate and to record the needs of the cultural and creative industries’ sectors in relation to the society’s expectations, as well as to present them to the general public.


  1. To support the upstanding causes, work, artistic and cultural productions created by individuals, cultural organisations, charities, associations, foundations and other organisations in the United Kingdom and internationally.


  1. To encourage, form and establish groups and assemblies created and empowered by individuals. To support collectives, clusters and groups of people with the interest and intention to study, to enhance and encourage the dialogue amongst members, citizens and public or government representatives and institutions aiming at the cultivation of social coherence, the support of neglected sectors in the arts and the cultural and creative industries.


  1. To monitor the local, national and international Cultural and Creative Industries’ Legal Framework and to present, for the public interest, the relevant findings and researches.


  1. To participate in relevant cultural, political and social events, conferences, meetings and forums internationally. To explore the social systems which promote groups in constant motion and encourage the duality of actor and society, in order to generate collective notions connected to societal awareness within a suggested structure that can be understood by societies. To encourage the principles of relativity.


  1. To develop and establish partnerships and collaborations with local governments and administrative bodies, as well as to encourage collaboration with any scientific and research organisation with institutions worldwide and other chambers, associations, unions, federations and in general with any public or private organisations which share the same or related aims and objectives.


  1. To study, to develop, to implement and to deploy the principles of fair practices and administration in the arts, cultural and creative industries sectors, according to the laws, rules and regulations, followed by the understanding of known implemented procedures. To evaluate criteria and recommend high quality standards within the arts, cultural and creative industries’ sectors.


  1. To improve the quality of life in the neighbourhoods, communities and societies, to support their members, the general public and associated bodies related to cultural and creative presentations or productions and to promote their excellent work.


  1. To create, develop and distribute international programmes. To invite artistic and cultural actors to participate and encourage the distribution of artistic, cultural and creative proposals, as well as to endorse cultural work and motivate other International Funds, Foundations, Organisations and Associations to support our causes.


  1. To promote understanding, equality, solidarity, freedom of speech, relativity and unity. The Cultural Left movement precept is: Culturalising Democracy and Democratising Culture through Acceptance, Creativity and Fairness.





The Cultural Left members are currently in the process of committing to paper the Manifesto, the Objectives and the Principles of the movement. Please, feel free to contribute! Contact us here.