CP of Finland, Great number of NGO´s and movements in collaboration at Vastavirta Festival 25-26 of August 2018, Helsinki Finland

More NGO´s and organizers than ever, now acting together for building up next Vastavirta Festival 2018 in Helsinki. Vastavirta Festival is an European open and political forum for radical activity, progressive collaboration and advocacy by those doing the doing.


The Vastavirta (countercurrent) Festival is a collaborative concept of varied civil society organizations. The festival has been held roughly every second year for the last ten years. It is facilitated by the Democratic Civic Association (DSL), the European Left (EL), and the Communist Party of Finland (SKP) 

Vastavirta Festival is an European open and political forum for radical activity, progressive collaboration and advocacy by those doing the doing.

The Vastavirta festival will take place from 25 to 26 August 2018 in Arbis, Helsinki. During the spring, festival was planned at three meetings, attended by various organizations and individuals. These planning meetings have focused on the goals, program content and informing campaign of the festival.

In particular, cultural and art organizations such as the Kiila Writers and Artists Association, PAND Performers and Artists for Nuclear Disarmament, Rab Rab Press and the British Cultural Left have excelled to take their place in production of the Vastavirta Festival Program. Accident and Disease Disability Association is celebrating its 70th anniversary with a festive program created for the whole day-long special event at Vastavirta. During the Vastavirta Festival SKP Party branch in Helsinki will release the ghost of Communism.


Vastavirta Festival interests NGO´s and movements


The Vastavirta Festival 2018  is being built by; Arab League Friendship Club, Cultural Left, Democratic Civic Association, Animal justice party, European left,  ICAHD Finland, the Communist Party of Iran, Joukkovoima Movement, International Volunteer Program EAPPI, Kiila Writers´ and Artists´ Association, Kurdish Democratic Community Center (NCDK), La Colectiva, Friends of Western Sahara in Finland, Women against nuclear energy movement,  Women for Peace movement, Noste Project, Performers and Artists for Nuclear Disarmament Finland, Post and Logistics Union PAU, Rab Rab Press,  Stop war Action Group, Communist Party of Finland, Accident and Disease Disability Association, and Alternative to the EU Information Center.


Vastavirta festival speakers, among others; Anna Kontula, Member of Parliament, Left Alliance, Antti Seppänen, dancer, president of the Performers and Artist for Nuclear Disarmament, Arjo Suonperä, Chairman Alternative to the EU Information Centre (VEU), Bahaaldin Omar, Sota-seis activist, Elina Nykyri, Left Council of Disability, Hakan Cifci, Kurdish Democratic Community Center (NCDK), Heidi Nieminen, Chairman, Post and Logistics Union (PAU) Jarmo Korhonen, EAPPI, Jonas Mithiku, Vastavoima, Jorma Eloranta, TSIL activist, JP (Juha-Pekka) Väisänen, Chairperson of the Communist Party of Finland, Juhani Lehto, Emeritus Professor, Kaija Kiessling, vice chairperson of the Association of Accident and Disease Disorders (TSIL), Kari Raatikainen, Head of Housing (TSIL), Karolina Kucia, performance artist, Lea Launokari, Women for Peace Movement, Marga Ferre, Spanish Left, Martina Miño, La Colectiva, Martta Tuomaala, visual artist, Minna Henriksson, visual artist, Nagehan Uskan, documentarist, Olavi Fellman, visual artist, Olli Savela, head actuar, Panayiotis Neufelt, Cultural Left, Petra Packalén, Editor-in-Chief, Tiedonantaja, Raija-Sinikka Rantala, writer, theater director, Riku Räihä, Noste Project, Ritva Harle, Community Artist, Ritva Korhonen, Member of the Board, TSIL, Roxana Crisologo, Chairperson, Writer and Artist Association Kiila and La Colectiva, Rosamaría Bolom, La Colectiva, Santeri Pienimäki, Animal justice Party (EOP), Sari Laiho, Chairperson, Business Operator, TSIL, Sezgin Boynik, journalist, Rab Rab Press, Sirkku Kivistö, Arab Friendship Society (AKYS), Tamás Gáspár, Marxist philosopher, Tiina Sandberg, secretary general, SKP, Timo Kulhia, Noste project, Toivo Saksala, PAU-active, Ulla Klötzer, Women against atom energy movement, Yrjö Hakanen, SKP


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