The Cultural Left Logo

The full story behind the Cultural Left logo, entitled “Dialogue”, by Panayiotis Neufelt, Founder of the Cultural Left movement.

In 1989, in Athens, Greece, I met Harris Ploumidis, an exquisite individual who changed my perception on theatre, acting and directing. Harris is the Founder of the Prologic Theatre, a Grotowski Laboratory Student, a Yevgeny Vakhtangov supporter in technique and a sophisticated pedagogue.

Almost two years later, in the middle of 1991, when I was in search for further acting studies, in an acting academy or a conservatoire, I met the late Akis Davis, a gentle person, enlightened pedagogue, theatre master tutor, founder of the Arodo Theatre and of the Alkmini Conservatoire and Theatre.

I always feel that if I hadn’t met Harris, it would have been practically impossible for me to comprehend the wide world that both Harris and Akis offered to me.

I also believe, that if I hadn’t met Akis, I would have never been able to explain, at a deeper level, the acting and directing techniques, that Harris was enlightening and upskilling me.

Both, were so generous to me, to everyone, and when my thoughts lead me to them, I always remember the first day, entering their spaces, through their open doors. I thank them, not only because they believed in me, but because they opened their world to me, and to the hundreds of students who enjoyed the benefits of learning, sharing, understanding one another.

Akis used monologues, for warming up and training purposes, taken out of Ibsen, Tennessee Williams, Reiner Werner Fassbinder, Harold Pinter, Samuel Beckett, Shakespeare and also Greek poets, such as Elytis and Karouzos.

I am mesmerised by all these theatre explorers, especially during researching or training on speech and drama, and through analysing, expressing or directing the characters’ pathos and ethos.

One of my favourite plays, by which I am so much taken, is an one act play, written by Tennessee Williams and entitled “I Can’t Imagine Tomorrow”, under the collective title “Dragon Country”. “I Can’t Imagine Tomorrow” is one of his late plays and it is generally accepted by dramaturgs, that it is one of the most mature, wonderful, diamond master-cut plays, of the writer.

I thoroughly enjoyed enacting the character named “Two” in the play, under the sounds of the “Moonlight Sonata Op.27 No.2” by Beethoven. I used to whir and hum softly, in order to express my perplexity as a character, it was so difficult for me to resist to the words I had to express.

This two hander play is an obscure play, which presents two-next-door peculiar (as we are) characters that are in a need of each other. “One” lives in a world, where he desires to escape, and “Two” is yearning to enter “One’s” world.

Two people who lived difficult lives, as “One” is terminally ill and “Two” cannot really handle his pathological embarrassment, shyness and speaking difficulties.

Two people, who love dearly each other, cannot stand each other’s presence occasionally and both face painful physical difficulties functioning in their everyday lives. Desperately caring for each other and deeply connected.

These two people live their coexistence in an environment that the reader has the feeling that nothing really happens. Although the reader is left with this impression, that nothing moves in this play… yet two people do so much, trying to survive, embracing one another.

For me this interaction and these atavistic feelings, inspired me while creating this logo, which I use as the logo for the Cultural Left, in an attempt to remind to myself that in these dark times we are going through, all we have is each other, if we choose to, if we need to, if we desire to, if we allow to, and we have to stay together.

We need to continue to remind to ourselves, that all we have in life is each other, light and inspiration, which we can share, in order to continue living in dignity.

All we have is resistance to silence, to nothingness, to oblivion, to darkness, to deculturalisation, to degradation, to deprivation and to whatever holds us back… We need to resist to whatever pulls us down, and this is urgent.

When I created the logo “Dialogue”, the two figures looking at each other, I had in mind all my losses, things I was yearning to do and never did, whoever ignored or gave an effort to delay progress, with this logo I thank them. I had in mind a door that opens in order to let me in or to let me out and it should always stay open.

Therefore, for me this logo is the expression of peaceful resistance and disobedience, understanding, acceptance, dignity and freedom.