The Cultural Left Objectives (Part of the Manifesto)

The Cultural Left Is a Progressive Arts, Cultural and Creative Movement.

The ten initial objectives of the Cultural Left and Creative Left, part of the Manifesto, which aim to lead to the Democratization of Culture and Culturalisation of Democracy, are also the slogan of the organisations. These are the following:

1. To comprehend the needs of the cultural and creative industries, through a left progressive spectrum.

2. To support the socially acceptable, creative, legitimate and excellent social objectives and missions, the artistic, creative, cultural work.

3. To encourage, organize and set up working groups, meetings, assemblies and events, and also to raise social awareness and actions.

4. To observe the local, national, European and international legal framework of cultural and creative industries.

5. To participate in relative cultural, political and social events, conferences, meetings and fora at a local and international level.

6. To develop and build partnerships, collaborations and developments with local governments, administrative bodies, institutions and agencies.

7. To study, develop and implement principles of equitable administrative practices, in the sectors of arts, cultural and creative industries.

8. To contribute in the optimisation of the quality of people’s lives, in the neighborhoods, communities and societies.

9. To create, develop and distribute international cultural support programs.

10. To promote, in any practically feasible, peaceful and legitimate mean, the comprehension, equality, solidarity, freedom of speech.



The Cultural Left members are currently in the process of presenting the Objectives and the Principles of the movement. Please, feel free to contribute! Contact us here.