The Cultural Left Objectives (Part of the Manifesto)


The Cultural Left Is a Progressive Arts, Cultural and Creative Movement.


The ten initial objectives of the Cultural Left and Creative Left, part of the Manifesto, which aim to lead to the Democratization of Culture and Culturalisation of Democracy, are also the slogan of the organisations. These are the following:


1. To comprehend the needs of the cultural and creative industries, through a left progressive spectrum. To identify, evaluate, record and respond to these needs, by linking them to the societal expectations, the states and the markets, supporting in various practically possible and viable ways the artistic, cultural and creative industries, the organisations and the individuals that work in these fields, as well as to present them to the general public with continuous promotion and work.


2. To support the socially acceptable, creative, legitimate and excellent social objectives and missions, the artistic, creative, cultural work and productions created by citizens, cultural organizations, charities, associations, foundations and other organizations, in Europe and internationally.


3. To encourage, organize and set up working groups, meetings, assemblies and events, and also to raise social awareness and actions. To urge community support and sustain groups of people with the interest to reinforce, encourage and study the interaction among members of the organization, citizens and representatives or delegates of organisations and government institutions of the European Union, which aim at the cultivation of social cohesion. To inspire and facilitate the support of neglected or degraded, underdeveloped and under-funded sectors of the arts and of the cultural and creative industries.


4. To observe the local, national, European and international legal framework of cultural and creative industries, and to present, for the public interest, relevant findings, researches and results.

5. To participate in relative cultural, political and social events, conferences, meetings and fora at a local and international level. To study the social systems, which create collective perceptions, associated with the collective social awareness, through proposed structures that are able to become comprehensible or accepted by civil societies. To encourage the principles of social, commercial, artistic, creative and cultural relations, for the benefit of the reconciliation of the people and in relation to the environment and the living beings living in the urban, rural or natural habitat.


6. To develop and build partnerships, collaborations and developments with local governments, administrative bodies, institutions and agencies, and to foster cooperation with any scientific and research organization and with independent and other institutions worldwide, as well as chambers, associations, unions, federations, and generally with the public or private organizations that have the same, related or complementary aims, purposes and objectives.


7. To study, develop and implement principles of equitable administrative practices, in the sectors of arts, cultural and creative industries, according to the laws, rules and regulations. To evaluate the applied processes of the rules of cultural management, economic development and political statements and proclamations and to contribute to the dissemination of these principles for public debate. Assess the relative criteria of inclusion and rejection, and propose high quality standards of cultural management and economy, in the arts, in the cultural and creative industries.


8. To contribute in the optimisation of the quality of people’s lives, in the neighborhoods, communities and societies. To support, with practically feasible, applicable and workable solutions, for the benefit of society, of the general culture, literature and the art work forces, as well as the organisations and companies, which are indirectly or directly related to cultural bodies, and support their creative presentations and productions, as well as to promote their excellent work.


9. To create, develop and distribute international cultural support programs. To invite artistic and cultural actors to participate in projects (residencies etc.), and to encourage the dissemination of artistic, cultural and creative proposals, as well as to support, in practical ways, the cultural works, and to promote third party international funds, foundations, organizations, associations and other bodies to support the organisations objectives.


10. To promote, in any practically feasible, peaceful and legitimate mean, the comprehension, equality, solidarity, freedom of speech, relativity and unity amongst organisations. To promote and emphasize the principles of the Cultural Left and the Creative Left deriving from the movement manifesto, political attitude and need aiming at the Culturalisation of Democracy and the Democratisation of Culture, which are none other than: the creativity, the acceptance, the integration and the justice, against the deculturalisation tendencies, degradation of education and cultivation through learning.






The Cultural Left members are currently in the process of presenting the Objectives and the Principles of the movement. Please, feel free to contribute! Contact us here.